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Error: Insufficient Memory to Continue the Execution of the Program.



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    Peter Barusevicus

    There is a third cause to the Insufficient Memory to run programme error box - 

    Your excel file is too large. 

    I had created two scripts, almost identical, one for VA01 and one for VA02. Both scripts had conditions within conditions and were around the 6.5MB mark. 

    VA01 ran smoothly. VA02 return Insufficient Memory error. 

    I then noticed that the Excel file I ran VA01 on was 58KB in size, whilst the VA02 Excel file was 48MB!

    The culprit ended up being sheet 2, which I was using as reference for a query script. I deleted the sheet, re-inputted the column header and retested. Ran smoothly. I had no idea why this single sheet was holding so much data as only two cells were populated (column header and one test input). 

    Winshuttle Studio 32x, Excel 32x. 



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